Groundwork North and South Tyneside Jarrow Hall, with funding from Arts Council England, would like to invited community engaged artist commission applications from visual, sound or film artists.

We would like you to creatively respond to the theme of the Exhibition and the narrative we are telling in it.

The exhibition which will focus on the journeys that have been made between Jarrow and the wider world throughout history. From the journeys of the Anglo-Saxon Bishop Benedict Biscop to and from Rome, to the comings and goings of ships at Palmers’ yard throughout the early twentieth century, we are charting the routes travelled by Jarrow lads and lasses – whether born in the town or made their home here later in life. We are especially interested in how industries as varied as stained-glass window production, mining and shipbuilding have affected who has plotted a course to and from Jarrow throughout history. We are not just looking back, we will also think about the present day. We are looking to work with a small group of people who are working in Jarrow based industry.

We will be asking: have they travelled with work? Have they lived in another part of the world? Maybe they have collected special objects on their travels: art, photos, magnets, sketches, even beer mats! We are keen for the artist commission to explore the stories to be told by those who have moved to Jarrow from elsewhere in the world.

We would like you to take an enquiry-based approach to respond to and illuminate this aspect of the museum to create new work that can act as a prompt/stimulus for us to think about what this may mean for us today, in relation to diversity and sustainability.

See the full brief here:

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