All our tickets allow you to pay once and return as many time as you would like during the 2023 season (Feb – December) for regular open days. Some special events may require an additional ticket. 

If you are a UK taxpayer you can also help support us through Gift Aid*, at absolutely no extra cost to you. 

To ensure your visit to Jarrow Hall is as safe as possible, all visitors must pre-book a 30-minute entry timeslot. You’re then welcome to stay until closing time of 4pm.  

Please be aware that if there is a school group on-site during term time weekdays, they will have exclusive access to the Thirlings Hall (the largest of our recreated buildings) during the morning. If you wish to step inside this building during your visit, we recommend booking an afternoon entry slot.   

Pre-book your ticket HERE 

Tickets are non-refundable as they are valid for the whole season. 

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