Sudden noises: In the main toilets there are hand driers which are powerful and quite loud. The accessible toilet does not hand driers so you might prefer to use that facility. Inside the main museum exhibit there are a number of motion sensors which trigger a sound track. Staff are happy to warn you of their position or even, with a little notice, disable the sensors for you.

Mirrors: There are large mirrors in the main toilets however the accessible toilet has a smaller mirror which we could cover with a little notice. The museum exhibit has a lot of glass display cases where reflections cannot be avoided. There is also a mirror inside the lift to the first floor.

Hazards outdoors: we have a pond area outdoors and some very uneven ground surrounded by rope fencing which would not stop a determined curious person so please ensure that all vulnerable people are supervised at all times.

Some of the animal enclosures have electrified fencing.

Animals: please be respectful of them. Do not attempt to access the enclosures. Do not feed anything to the animals which has not been supplied by the staff. The wrong feed can be fatal. Some of the animals bite. A hand wash station is provided. Always wash hands before and after visiting the farm. Some people will need supervision and support to do this effectively.

Outdoor wooden picnic tables are provided for your convenience. We are unable to sanitise these effectively so use your discretion. Do not feed human food to the animals or wildlife as it can cause disease and even death.

Max Card holders can enjoy free admission and £1 off for up to two additional attendees (adult or child). Please enter the promotional code MAXCARD when asked when booking online.

Carers can enjoy Jarrow Hall free of charge when they are providing support to another paying visitor but must still have a ticket. Choose a Carer ticket when booking online. NB This is separate from our Max Card offer.

We are always looking to improve the access for everyone at Jarrow Hall, if you would like to give us feedback please email [email protected] or call us on 0191 4241585 during opening hours.

We are exceptionally keen to help and our friendly team look forward to welcoming you here.

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