Jarrow Hall houses archaeological finds from excavations on the monastic site of St Paul’s, Jarrow, as well as Jarrow Slake. The archaeological collection includes a wide range of artefacts, principally comprising Anglo-Saxon and Medieval material, with some Post-Medieval finds. This material includes (but is not limited to): coloured window glass, stone sculpture, ceramics, tiles, coins, copper alloy material, lead and iron objects, worked bone, animal bone and shellfish, clay pipes, painted wall plaster, bricks, and food preparation vessels.

Jarrow Hall has a permanent exhibition, dedicated to the finds from the excavated Jarrow monastery, in the wider context of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Northumbria, where some of the excavated material can be seen on display. We also store and care for additional archaeological material, not currently on display.

The facsimile Codex Amiatinus and Coloured Saxon Window Glass are acknowledged as significant collections and featured as part of the Great Exhibition of the North’s A History of the North in 100 Objects.

Browse our online collections catalogue to see some of our items on display a little closer, as well as items kept in our stores. A lot of the material we hold are part of bulk finds, however, there are some real gems, including worked stone, metal and glasswork. Share your favourite object(s) with your friends on social media (don’t forget to tag us).

Enjoy a glimpse of our permanent exhibition space‘The Age of Bedeas well as other temporary exhibitions, here at Jarrow Hall.  

The Age of Bede is a permanent gallery which takes us on a journey through time, starting with the Romans leaving Britain and the arrival of the Angles, Jutes and Saxonsfollowed by conversion to Christianity and the building of the twin Monastery’s Wearmouth-Jarrow. Explore what it would have been like to live and work in the Twin Monastery’s, see the largest collection of European 7th & 8th Centuries coloured window glass, and marvel at one of only two full-sized facsimiles of the Codex Amiatinus in the world.  

Discover a world of Art, Science and Literature. Learn about the Venerable Bede, and the world around him, as we explore his written text and what it tells us about Anglo-Saxon Northumbria, a golden age. 

Travel in time all the way up to the death of Bede, find out about his exciting legacy, the Cult of Bede and beyond. The Age of Bede exhibition has on display fine stonework and pieces of worked metal, found during the excavations of the Jarrow Monastery.   

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Lindisfarne Light

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‘Women in Jarrow: A Herstory’ Exhibition

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Form and Function

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interactive display about glass

May Half Term Events and Activities at Jarrow Hall

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Explore the theme of agriculture through time in our new exhibition. Learn about the different types of animal who live on our farm and find out how agriculture has changed over time.

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Codex Amiatinus AD692

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