About Our Collections

There are currently over 12,000 accessioned objects within the museum collection, including:  

Jarrow Hall also cares for a small social history collection relating to both Jarrow Hall House, our Grade II listed Georgian House, as well as some local Jarrow history. The Georgian House was built around 1785 by local coal mine and shipbuilding industrialist Simon Temple.  

The museum is currently building an archive of material related to the (re) constructed structures on site, and experimental archaeology.  

 Find out more about our collections by searching our online collections catalogue, to get some idea of the types of collections we hold. 


Social History

Experimental Archaeology

Exhibitions / Events

Donations To The Museum

Please get in touch with us via email, or letter before bringing any items to the museum. You must first in writing describe what you’d like to donate, how you have come to own the object(s) and provide a photograph of the item(s) where possible.   

A member of the collections team will be in touch soon after to tell you whether this is an item we can accept, whether we need further information, if we cannot accept your offer, or to arrange a time and date to bring your item in.   

Please note our collections development policy will inform any decisions made by the museum.  

We do not accept any hazardous objects / substances.