Anglo-Saxon Bread Ovens: 

The most important function of Anglo-Saxon ovens was to cook bread, although they were probably used for other tasks such as roasting. Ovens were built separated from the rest of the houses, in the yard, to reduce fire risks and take advantage of sunlight. After digging a pit into the ground and demarking a line with rocks or other materials, the structure of the ovens was usually constructed with stone, iron or, if the owner had money enough, clay. Ovens were usually covered with a stone/iron bowl and, if the landowner was able to afford it, a full bakehouse could be constructed. Even though rich people could also contract the services of professional bakers, it was common that each Anglo-Saxon family had their own small oven to cook food by themselves.    


How to cook Anglo-Saxon bread:

You will need 1 cup of flour (any type), water to mix, a bowl and some frying or griddle pan. First, you mix the flour and the water in the bowl for five minutes. Once you have a smooth texture, divide the mixture in half. Then make two flat disks from it and pop them into a hot pan. After cooking on both sides, serve them warm with some of butter and there you are, your Anglo-Saxon bread is ready for lunch!    

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