The first Basketry Workshop!

And after a little Summer break, on the 17th September our heritage skills workshop series funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund took a start with a fantastic full day of Basketry delivered by our phenomenal Ruth and her team from Sylvan Skills!

Baskets tend to get forgotten when reconstructing the set up of ancient buildings and their furniture because they are very often invisible in the archaeological record. Being of organic material they usually decade very quickly and leave often no evident trace, except rare cases. However, they were an essential part of our ancestors’ life and the art of basketry is now a precious heritage skill that needs to be preserved.

Ruth showing our volunteers how to start off a simple frame-basket

Some comments from our volunteers:

“I very much enjoyed learning new techniques on how to weave a basket” (Ian)

“It was a very relaxing morning, doing something I have been meaning to try for a long time” (Linda)

” It was great learning this wonderful heritage craft…I am very much looking forward to learning more about this craft at the next workshop and to continue making baskets in the future!” (Sam)

Our volunteers focused on weaving (on the left); Luke was the quickest to finish his basket!
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