Exciting news! We’ve created a new audio heritage trail and activity sheet which will be launching with the Jarrow Festival on Monday 9 August this trail will take you on a journey through time. You’ll be guided through Charlies Park by our narrator and meet several characters from Jarrow’s past.

This fun trail was produced by staff and volunteers at Jarrow Hall and will be available beyond the festival. Access a digital copy of the trail sheet below, or pick up a sheet at either Jarrow Hall Museum, Hive Coffee Company or St Paul’s Church. Meet Bede at the monastery, and find out more about the residents of Jarrow Hall House.
See beautiful artefacts displayed at the museum and at the Jarrow Monastery.

The activity sheet is inspired by our collections, offering fun activities for kids to try, such as designing your own toy, and spotting colours and shapes, making it perfect for young artists.

Don’t forget to take some photographs and share them with us on social media! We’d love to see you enjoying our heritage trail with your family and friends over the coming weeks.

To listen to the audio tour click here

You can book tickets to visit our museum, farm and Anglo-Saxon (re) constructed buildings here

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