Magical Mysteries at Jarrow Hall Museum

Two clay figures that are round shaped with small horns and grimacing expressions

A lot of museums and historic houses have been reported as areas of the supernatural, from folklore, with ghost trails and paranormal histories that would make anybody shiver. It makes sense after all, with such places having an immense amount of – well- history, that the supernatural would surely come with it at some point. […]

Taking our Curious Collection to Big Local

Jarrow Hall Museum loses its marbles at the Big Local Jarrow’s Mental Health Day with our Curious Collection!  

What can we learn about our mental health from these cool, curious objects?

Escaped Animals in the Museum!

Stone Fragments Resembling a Bird Head 

Animals have escaped into the museum! We have to find them before they damage any delicate artefacts! Right? Animals don’t belong in museums!  … Or so you would think! It turns out that some of our domestic animals have actually been hiding around our exhibitions this whole time. It makes a bit more sense when […]

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